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Android GPS Navigation BOX For Buick Car DVD Player

Model: DZ-216 Applicable car models:2013-2018 Buick (Junwei / LaCrosse / Angkway / Angkola / VERANO)

Product Details


Android Car Multimedia Video Interfaces

Retain the original car host, add a set of Android systems

Model: DZ-216


Applicable car models:

2013-2018 Buick (Junwei / LaCrosse / Angkway / Angkola / VERANO)



1.This interfaces adapter is designed  New MAZDA OEM resistance screen with touch

2.Product features: retain the original car MIB system, add a set of  Android systems

3.Built-in digital RGB Andronid module4. Support all 800x480, 6.5/5.8 inch with MIB system

4.Unique power management technology to achieve andriond system 0 seconds boot not destroy the original car line, LVDS line and the original car plug direct transfer

6.built-in CANBUS system, a unique decoding technology to achieve the original car screen touch control of the              Android system

7.the two kinds of system switching mode: 1, long press the MEUN key switch for 3 seconds gesture switch, the original car system and ANDROND BOX free switch

9.Built-in Wifi Module

10.Support GOOGLE PLAY, YouTube Facebook, Support Android APP software

11.The CANBUS control supports right blind area camera function

12.Support the IPS, reversing video, reversing radar with screen display. Can choose the original car after the                      installation of cameras and camera

13.Two way USB, support HD movies, lossless music player


Andriond system parameter:

CPU: Alwinner T3 Quad Core 1.6GHz Cortex-A9

Operation System: Android 5.1


Flash Memory:iNAND 16G    

Navigation : GPS built-in, support navigation APK

Wi-Fi : Wi-Fi module built-in

CAN-BUS : Inner decode

Touch Screen Support: car original vehicle screen 800X480, 1024X600

Steering Wheel Control : Controlled by inner CAN-BUS

Video: 1080P, H.264, MPEG4, RMVB, AVI, WMV, 3GP, MP4, MOV, MPG, VOB, MKV, FLV, TS, TP, DAT


2 way USB: For media playback, USB DVR

Car Information: Retain car original CD, Radio and Bluetooth

Package : Customized OEM user manual, gift box and carton

Lead time : 5 days for trial order, repeat order 20 days

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