S600 products UI Upgrade Method

There are four sets of UI are interchangeable, a BMW UI, a common UI, a public UI, a Skoda UI. Four UI can be upgraded to the appropriate user interface (UI), the upgrade will not affect the machine.

1. First, download the Skoda UI04 S600 special software, copying the software to your computer. Figure:

2. The format of the card into FAT format:

3. SD card into the GPS card slot:

4. Press the reset button, the system automatically start the upgrade, the upgrade process do not power off, otherwise it will cause the machine to crash. The upgrade process takes about two minutes:

Download Link Software:

1.Skoda  UI software:

360 Cloud disk sharing:

Extraction code: d283

2.Original  UI software:

360 Cloud disk sharing: 

Extraction code:6e84

3.VW  UI software:

360 Cloud disk sharing: 

Extraction code: c105

4.Skoda  UI software:

360 Cloud disk sharing:  

Extraction code: 6a68