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10 automotive electronics industry
Jun 03, 2015

"2009 global semiconductor industry revenues in 2008 dropped more than 32 billion dollars, which will serve as the worst year in the history of the global semiconductor industry remain in people's memories. "ISuppli's Senior Vice President Dale Ford has written a few days ago said that 2009 global electronics contract manufacturing industry also shrank to $ 261 billion, than in 2008 for $ 301 billion, down US $ 40 billion. However, as the Government implemented a plan to stimulate economic growth, China's domestic electronics market rebounded in the first quarter of 2009, which promotes the recovery of China's semiconductor market. China Ministry latest released of data displayed, since 2009 second quarter up, Ministry focus monitoring of 27 a electronic information products in the, achieved are growth of products surface constantly expanded, TV, and microcomputers, and phone cumulative production respectively Yu 4、5、9yue reverse has fell momentum, IC Yu October up began appeared monthly are growth; cumulative to December late, microcomputers, and display, and TV, and phone production respectively growth 33.3%, and

7.2%, 9.6%, 10.7%.

Time to enter 2010, various signs show that recovery in the global electronics market is becoming. Major market research companies are bullish on the future market, they expected the market increase in the electronics industry in 2010 is likely to reach 10%. Ministry recently released of 2009 electronic information industry economic run bulletin displayed, currently, China has became world electronic products first manufacturing powers, phone, and microcomputers, and TV, and digital compared to, and laser depending on disc machine production respectively accounted for global of 49.9%, and 60.9%, and 48.3%, and 80%, and 85%, electronic information products trade accounted for global of 15% above; and 2010 is China 3G full commercial of a years, is expected to annual added mobile user 100 million households, Plus users to update phone, domestic market demand expected to exceed 250 million units. Home appliances to the countryside, the old for the new policy will also drive the color TV market growth 20%. These are directly contributing to the recovery in the global electronics industry.