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Analysis on the three main touch-screen technology
Jun 03, 2015

Electronic products, particularly for consumer products, how to control user complex actions into an intuitive, convenient and production experience, is the ultimate challenge for user interface design. User interface design must take into account the user's Visual, hearing, taste, smell, and touch the five senses, such as demand, on the other hand also consider effects on devices or systems to user needs. Most products currently available on the market while effective, but above all is a Visual and tactile dealt with separately by the user. From computer keyboards, keyboards, MP3 players, household appliances and even a TV remote control and simple buttons above or press, to adjust the volume slider, wheel and track [LU1] above and a higher level of clicking and scrolling feature, output location (that is, user input or manipulation of the result of an action [LU2]) with user-entered location is very different. If we could let the input and output, that is, Visual and tactile full consensus, that would be nice! This Visual and tactile consistency is the basic advantage of the touch screen.

Were fully met by Visual and tactile line it sounds simple, but it is tantamount to a significant technological breakthrough, which will completely change the way users interact with electronic products, so some people refer to this as the user interface revolution. Transparent feature allows users to directly touch screen "touch" different content on the screen, people sigh on the user interface design. Because users no longer have to go around with one button or electronic equipment, such as the computer mouse or keyboard, or even on the phone dialler button, but direct and curing equipment "brain" (that is, their operating system) application of interact. This was a revolutionary change, this control allows the user to take direct control of powerful operating systems and applications, all at the user's fingertips. Of course, we can use the mouse on a computer screen and track [LU3] access applications, however such manipulation is not directly touching the screen, do not allow users with screen integrated and embedded applications. In fact, we can we can imagine all kinds of movements or gestures to use touch screen display becomes alive, as long as the eye can see, are simple to interact with touch. Now the touch screen is divided into three main categories: single point touch finger multi-touch recognition; a finger touch recognition.