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Big Screen + Box: Car Machine Industry Angel Or Devil?
Apr 19, 2016

     Car machine industry have always been invisible group of smart people, it has a Conspire cloud cover as the rain of energy. They can introduce new product platform, can tricks in appearance, can find ways in the structure, to do everything possible, to brains in the sales channel in terms of cost. So every year, the car machine industry trends always pop up this year from some unknown corner, so many car machine manufacturers rush.
     In early 2016, the trend is undoubtedly the car industry is the big-screen machine + box, which is almost a 80% coerced car machine manufacturers referendum "engaged in machine" campaign, a wide range, deep impact is unprecedented since the Great screen navigation birth of.
     Big screen + frame, breaking the traditional routine dedicated car navigation big screen one machine, so that the separation, the host highly versatile frame and screen (host), according to box Vehicle features designed to allow manufacturers to simplify the preparation, production efficiency, and further reduce costs . Dealer stocking pressure reduction, inventory reduction, improve cash flow efficiency, looks manufacturers, distributors happy, completely plant Lee, Lee's a very good thing.
     Faced with such a situation can be in full swing, an industry giant sit still, so "a <canon> disturbed the car machine quack" solemn available, criticize it is a lazy thinking, the paper said:
     Development of "Variety" is tantamount to practice "canon", manufacturers, distributors benefit at the expense of the consumer experience is the basis of; beautiful face frame, safety may not be a major problem. The most terrible is easy to think of this production, stocking lazy thinking as brandished a knife from the palace, the first of the original car on the plug, built-in CAN boxes, and other technology castration, you can drive the same machine, but the car is not the same, so the end of line need an adapter, cAN box must plug, greatly reducing the stability and further cut of every model targeted, better able to meet the different models and different owners difference in consumer demand and sustainable development of the car machine road, and this road is the "Variety" in the true sense.
     The paper also said that fortunately many manufacturers do not tell. It is not that how smart they are, but the original product inventories high, want and lack Xinyou.
     Concerns and questions raised above manufacturers, is indeed the big screen + frame exists. But the car machine industry smart people once again demonstrated their wisdom, put forward a host of block + screen + triple frame
     Box + screen + host triple architecture, screen size is 9 inches and 10.1 inches, the screen frame and separate installation when combined with five screws and the panel is fixed to the frame, the host at the time of the original car mounting bracket fixed (conventional car-specific host installation has this step), the force of the entire machine are connected to the body of the host, the host to avoid bumps and loose, but also have peace of mind to run the environment. Between the host and the panel, wiring harness connector, do not accommodate the position of the host screen, they do not consider the host screen, mounted in the car is the most comfortable position.
     Secondly, special harness for interpolation. This whole thing is not a dedicated machine, now on the big screen lasso is harder. The solution is now equipped with a dedicated junction boxes, terminals for each model design slot. When loading into the first slot of the slot reserved for the host tail, fixed with screws. A total of two dedicated slots, one is matching the original car information interface is to receive a sound, navigation antenna, Expanded Functions such as rear view, digital TV, video input adapter cable and other needs. Makes installation easier, reducing the chance of problems. In conclusion, mocha SCIENCE upcoming "thousands of machines Variety" targeted to solve the structure, installation and after-sale problems exist in the current screen + box (just demolished the host screen can be retained).
     Big screen + frame wind has blown in the bright flower of spring, it has been difficult to make waves of spring water to restore calm. The market is so big pond, working car factory after another into the water, the wind and the expectation to seize industry hot. Or whether it is called the Variety-changing, whether diamond or cube, the product is difficult to form the structure to be radically changed, most manufacturers can ignore the problem resolved, the product installation, after-sales process well, we certainly have the opportunity to stand out. If at this time still waiting and hesitation, throw away the market, lost opportunities.