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Car audio multimedia entertainment navigation system development
Jun 03, 2015

Car audio from 1950 to today, from traditional early radio and loudspeaker, then cassettes, then morphed into a CD, VCD, DVD, MP3, over recent years, and even a built-in satellite navigation, digital TV, iPod, built-in Bluetooth support, built-in USB slot .... the trend towards digital and diverse entertainment.

This trend can be seen from the 2009 CES show. In terms of manufacturers, not only the traditional car audio manufacturers such as Alpine, Sony, Pioneer, JVC, Japan car-stereo maker Blaupunkt and Germany audio manufacturers, Japan subsidiary Fujitsu Eclipse DVD navigation for vehicle manufacturers and vendors that provide services are also involved in cooperation.

As consumer habits continue to change over the past more than 10 years ago most popular music storage media-CD has been the popularity of digital music, being small, portable size, large storage capacity MP3 player instead. Current car audio built-in USB slot to combine MP3 player unrest, believe USB slot interface will be an integral part of future car audio equipment.