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Car Dvd PK Mobile Navigation, Which Is More Powerful?
Apr 16, 2016

      In today's society vehicle accompanied by a navigator in fact it has become a common occurrence, and various changes in the new roads and buildings, so we have to always accept this rapid change. But the editor found a lot of friends, whether traveling by car or drive back home, have adopted their own cell phone inside navigation. Now the phone is very powerful, IPONE6 also to a certain extent, solve the shortcomings of the screen is too small. Many people think that as long as the mobile navigation on the line, no need to spend money to buy a navigator, but in fact the truth is that so?
     In the present practical application, the car navigation device in vibration, and interference is more in line with the car's driving environment, which is the short-term smart phones do not have. "Mobile navigation car navigation systems will replace the" point of view in the short term is not feasible. With the car navigation products to enhance the accuracy of the traffic using the play of the driving assistance function while increasing flexibility evolving, car navigation systems will play a more excellent performance of the next few years.
     First, we all know mobile navigation and driving is not specifically for students, during use, often generate network traffic fees or GPS software usage fees; and navigator using a relatively simple, general navigation navigation map matching six months free update time, 3D Virtual map, DSA speed warning data and other data free updates navigation data accurately and quickly. All kinds of service can be ruthless in place to say, optimization and updating a variety of information, we have no need to go to deployment.
     Secondly, in use, the most important thing is that the phone battery life is short, especially in large-size high-definition screen in question and batteries matching the so far unresolved, and car navigation systems designed for cars was born, and the battery question naturally is not a problem .
     There is a presentation on the phone's screen is smaller (in the case and the parties needed to meet the convenience, the current mobile phone screen is about 5.5 inch maximum optimization), navigation is easy to see, seriously affect the motorists driving driving safety. The current navigation has grown to 7 inches or larger, and is equipped with high-definition touch screen.
     From the above points of view, mobile navigation function can be said in terms of ease of use and navigation assistance, but after all, not the industry specializing in surgery, so that using a mobile phone replace car navigation systems can not be achieved in the short term. For navigation, the face of the rise of smart phones, but also need to strengthen the internal, to meet the consumer experience of the situation, improve product quality and reputation, so the owners of car navigation systems truly indispensable driving helper.