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Cars And The Internet Battle In The End Who Is Stronger
Apr 07, 2016

     For Internet repairer, already it is not news. With the rise of the Internet business of manufacturing and IT industry occupies more hills, we have made the Internet entered the automobile manufacturing become an irresistible trend. Like music, as the repairer has a certain momentum, the former Internet pioneers established Wei to car, and Alibaba, Tencent and other Internet repairer to build the project, which had to explain, repairer Internet age closer to the automotive market and consumers. However, we can not fail to see that the traditional automobile manufacturing talents, can not withstand the temptation of all aspects of the Internet repairer, which have turned to the Internet's car project, which also confirms the trend from the other side of the Internet repairer more obvious.
     In fact, for interconnection repairer, in the case of the traditional repairer it has not yet become the two major forces in confrontation, naturally produced a verbal tit for tat battle. From a general vice president publicly accused Tesla repairer to Geely chairman Li Shufu said car maintenance protagonist, reflects difficult integration issues in the information age and the Internet automobile manufacturing. Although these statements and practices are still in the battle among the subtle, but as interconnected manufacturing new force, or traditional vehicles, will be faced with different levels of the old and new issues are intertwined test! This need to resolve between the two is good about its technical problems, so that consumers go to compete with a commentary, perhaps more than mere haggle more practical significance.
     As Internet companies to enter the automobile manufacturing advantages are obvious, both on the absolute ability to fund, but also has the advantages of flexible manufacturing and new high starting point, this is the wish of traditional manufacturing. For Internet companies to enter the automotive industry, we can say the problem is not entering itself, but that the specific issues into the process of settlement, that is, how to establish the brand as well as how to improve the follow-up security, this is not about the Internet repairer over the past two threshold. In music, as the manufacturer, for example, although in the pioneering stage as companies dare to invest, good investment, which enable enterprises to recruit talent and promote the new design, naturally more handy than traditional companies. But it should be noted that, despite the music, as the United Faraday US companies that can best of the best in the new concept of design, on time and launched a new concept, but the concept of the new brand in conjunction with the ground level, but had become the more difficult task, which makes the process of music as repairer, is much more difficult than traditional enterprises.
     Although regarded as a manufacturing music, it will also be the leader of the traditional manufacturing arm of past income, but this is only the midpoint of the manufacturing process to solve the problem, rather than a complete thread, but in order to be connected to the main line of development is still inevitable faced with more and more setbacks tuition problem. In other words, people are not worried about the music, as the manufacturing ambitions, but worried about the shortcut used to go the Internet business can not solve practical car down the details of the development process, which may be the repairer of the fundamental.
     For Internet repairer step ahead of Tesla, it has long been in the minds of people formed a innovation-based manufacturing model. But in the specific problem solving thorny, let Tesla had to face the dilemma of choice. Whether it is slow design half a beat phenomenon, or in a small part of the technical issues, it is likely to rush to aggressive Tesla easily made small brook sailing. Among other things, the design of Tesla, learn more Maserati design, which Tesla luxury car brand, it is difficult to really establish a brand. But more important is that the car seat belt failure occurred shortly before Tesla, but also to phase in innovative technology Tesla, popular plagued old problems! Only from these two points is not difficult to see that the Internet in the manufacturing process of both problems is hard to imagine, but not easy to solve, which requires the Internet manufacture, and constantly improve its manufacturing system to a car.
     As for how to deal with the problem of traditional manufacturing new challenges, it is clear that some of the old car company spokesman, also did not want to miss a chance to compete against. Like Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche on many occasions to the Internet for help in Silicon Valley, he published their views. In the car on behalf of corporate CEOs opinion, a Silicon Valley Internet companies seeking to develop the road, hoping to find more of a driving force behind innovation and Silicon Valley, at the same time, Mr. Zetsche also believes that smart mobile devices into the car, easier than the IT industry repairer. Its implication, means that the auto companies to solve the problem easily, and Internet business more difficult to solve the problem! Coincidentally, Geely chairman of Chinese-brand car prices as a representative of Mr. Li, also expressed on many occasions, "leading the automotive industry in the future is a car company, not the Internet business," which not only shows business leaders in maintaining their own system advantage, as they also have realized Connected manufacturing uncertainty in the development process in the easy difficult on solve the problem. So, if the traditional manufacturing can not find new ways to break from the traditional manufacturing areas Internet +, due to rest on its laurels and will also be subject to the new development of the industry! After all, in the end who is stronger than who, or vote by the market and consumers, which depends on the interconnection between enterprises and traditional manufacturing enterprises, whose ability to solve problems of stronger.
     Objectively speaking, the importance of the market for newly manufactured, indeed more and more obvious. Among them, both scientific and technological significance of innovation, but also promising service security issues, two aspects of the first one, are indispensable for automobile manufacturing. In this case, the Internet business repairer or, traditional manufacturing change or, just stand on the same platform competition, it is the most, and I am afraid this is to compare the summer between the two is strong or weak key ......!