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DVD navigation profit how many
Jun 03, 2015

In August of this year, a reporter has just bought a new car, 4S shop salesperson to sell a brand of DVD navigation system, high definition big-screen digital TV, rearview, Bluetooth phone, 6800 Yuan after the discount, and anyway no longer offers, as are more familiar with the car industry, the reporter did not choose to install navigation in the 4S shop. Sure enough, reporters went to several car modification shops know, understanding in the 4S shop fancy GPS navigation price as long as the 3500, and features no changes, they differed by more than 3300 prices.

Along with the consumers to accept DVD navigation system, installing a car DVD navigation has become a trend. And the price of DVD navigation because of the different sales channels, and far, coupled with the manufacturers pricing strategies to seize the market. 2010 the overall price has been reduced in recent 50% around 1680 Yuan brand DVD navigation now appear once again breaks the navigation products, profit is not transparent, fast DVD navigation products from the "windfall" area.