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Length = use significantly reduced the cost of the warranty period?
Jun 03, 2015

Many owners believe that car manufacturers extended warranty, own car costs will be significantly reduced, but the fact is, the warranty like insurance, only when the car is when there is a problem and then get

This policy benefits. Of course, Powertrain repair costs are very expensive, and typically, a car's powertrain system to account for the overall cost of 35%-40%. Therefore, Powertrain systems need to be replaced, will be a huge expense for consumers. Extended warranty, no doubt to avoid the consumer risks they take such huge overheads.

In fact, extended warranty is designed mainly to guide the owner to develop good habits of regular, will drive conservation through inducing vehicle owners in the 4S shop for professional maintenance will keep better condition, wait for the owners to replace their cars, you can find the residual value of the car to improve, than maintenance costs when, in fact, this is really safeguard the interests of consumers.