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Navigation industry need to see the direction
Jun 03, 2015

Portable GPS navigation price wars have heated up, DVD car navigation is facing price woes, current market prices of around 3500, while others cost as low as 3000 Yuan. Professionals, DVD navigation with difficulty, need good technology and materials. Due to DVD navigation device market lack of strict technical standards, there are many manufacturers have some irregular behavior and cause instability in the performance in use.

Other experts say, simply selling a product is difficult to inject life ultimately spell the market strategies and marketing channels. Insiders believe that machine vendors, e-commerce sales aimed at the car front and is is the future direction of the market. It is reported that the domestic car models just over 10% of the more than 150,000 cars with standard car DVD navigation product, in the European and American market, 60% automobile comes standard with a DVD navigation products, which indicates the markets need to be further developed. In addition, targeted e-commerce sales was also a feasible direction, after sales and installation problems can be solved, vendors will be unexpected gains.