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On The Mobile Navigation Unit To The Smart Car Navigation Stimulus
Mar 24, 2016

    Mobile Internet era, giving rise to many benefits. One of the benefits is to promote the development of the field of smart phones, to people's lives, entertainment, work brought great convenience. Smart phones bring convenience to people's lives, that's fine point is that a wide variety of applications on the phone service to people's lives. Wherein the mobile navigation to occupy this important position in many mobile phone applications. Ten years ago the streets in a strange place with a map to find the destination of people, certainly not imagine just a decade after getting in a few clicks on the phone screen will get accurate navigation information. The development of mobile navigation on foot is difficult to find the end of a remote destination situation. The mobile navigation also entered the field of car navigation, with the smart phones, car navigation also opens a new chapter.
    But everything needs a look into two, the rise of mobile phone navigation software in the field of car navigation is certainly promote the development of car navigation, but also to the original car navigation market has caused tremendous impact. After all, compared to the in-vehicle navigation products, mobile navigation has a lot of low cost, fast data updates and so many advantages. But also cater to the many motorists psychology: The phone is a necessity of daily social activities, while giving the car navigation while driving, then why go to wasted money to buy car navigator.
    Relying on the smart phone handset navigation software is really easy to use, data update soon. But precisely because of relying on smart phones, navigation has led to defects - Navigation accuracy is not enough. After all, the phone is a mobile phone, versatile, but can not do every kind of extreme. And vehicle navigation products and mobile phones are taking the opposite large ones, it will achieve the ultimate product functionality. But in recent years, many car navigation companies gradually new technology, new design, new technology is introduced into the product, and to let the car navigation field gradually formed a rival car navigation and mobile navigation trend. Overall, convenient mobile navigation fast, fast data update; Car Navigation high accuracy, the technology leader. Two good wins!
    Car navigation companies seem to know mobile navigation phase competition, improving technology is feasible move. Car navigation is always new technologies come out, slowly and with technology has been nationally recognized. This year, the Shenzhen-United Automobile Electronics Co. Tongchuang through numerous audits, was identified as high-tech enterprises. QINGLIAN prove Genesis was identified as an excellent example of high-tech enterprise technology is recognized.
    Promote the progress of the competition, we will have good progress with the advent of technology, and thus enhance the quality of everyday life!