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Safety, Security ,Automotive Safety Electronics
Mar 28, 2016

 China has the most complex traffic system, there is near-stringent traffic rules, have the world's largest toll road, has the world's first automobile consumption and the second car ownership, there are many drivers drive less civilized, all these convergence of factors constitute the country's most unusual road traffic environment, this environment need to master driving skills than just skilled driver so simple. When a driver on the road when his car did not a few in the name of security products car near the body I'm afraid to be stuck.

     There is sufficient demand, there is bound market, a variety of automotive safety electronics products have emerged, creating a booming car market after the installation of electronic security. To get to know the market, is still very necessary to analyze the security of electronic products for automobile itself.

What is automotive safety electronics products?

     Whether luxury car or an ordinary car, the factory is subjected to various safety testing, the safety factor of their own have been verified, the probability of traffic accidents occur under normal driving conditions is quite small, so basically do not worry in this regard . But on the road, I can not help the car and driving the car people. Such as speeding, on the one hand it is the driver itself ignoring traffic rules, speeding recklessly, causing to be shot, on the other hand is a lot of unreasonable speed, but the driver ignored, will be shot. As bump, vehicular and pedestrian, non-motor vehicle accidents between vehicles and to define responsibilities, in the end is not malicious Pengci like. For example, a cell phone can not drive, can not be arbitrary and the line, not to collect parking situation is not like driving experience can be circumvented by the.

     The so-called automotive safety electronics and traffic rules in fact, Pengci, speeding and so on, they can prevent problems from occurring in the car to a certain extent, or to provide evidence reference when a problem occurs.

The current mainstream of electronic security products have?

     Currently, the popular market known or are popular products include: parking sensor, rear view, panoramic visual 360, Bluetooth, electronic dog tachograph rearview mirror navigation.

     Reversing radar is based on four radar probe installed on the rear bumper of the vehicle to achieve the object vehicle after detection, to give backing for proper guidelines. Many years ago, this product is installed after the very popular, and now has become a standard pre-loading plant, installed after the significant decline in market demand.

     Rear view camera reversing radar is the second popular parking ancillary products, installation of cameras at after the rear license plate frame, start reversing the console LCD screen automatically switches to reversing the screen as a reference when reversing. With the popularity of car navigation, rear view has been integrated into the application as complete. In addition, the intelligent parking assist system such as differentiated products, supporting the 4S shop there is a demand.

     360 panoramic reversing visual Visual be upgraded and enhanced version. Rear view only one camera, 360 to four cameras are installed around the front and rear of the vehicle in the appropriate position, depending on the left and right, front, rear has four screen video processing software combined into one complete vehicle surveying map, parking at either forward or backward can be a corresponding reference picture to avoid vehicle bump. With tachograph hot, panoramic 360 also incorporates a driving record.

     Bluetooth is SGX regulations and with the introduction of popular over time. SGX regulatory requirements is an offense to drive a cell phone, they found face fines and penalty points, which gave birth to the Bluetooth hands-free product sales. Bluetooth alternative but too difficult to continue.

     Electronic dog is a gray product. Electronic eye, speeding camera, liquidity speed and other traffic arrangements are in order to regulate the behavior of the driver, maintain traffic order. The emergence of electronic dog but many people do not want to comply with traffic rules to some extent, to circumvent these problems, but obviously violated escaped punishment. Some provinces had the product been banned, but could not help but demand stronger. After SGX regulations introduced this product crazy one. With the integration of the navigation map data inside, there other alternative products, and the price war between manufacturers of electronic dog, eventually leading to the product plummeted.

     Tachograph regarded as a rich Chinese characteristics automotive products. Complex traffic rules, road traffic accidents often occur, moral turpitude under Pengci, blackmail, so that many car owners silent, had to prevent. Tachograph driving shooting action video recording revealed that one of the captured video can be used as evidence of the accident, to restore the truth. Following navigation, this product has become car owners just need.