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Talking about the development of the 2010 car audio configuration after
Jun 03, 2015

Car GPS navigation car will become a mainstream feature configuration. 2009 good helper before the e-market research, statistics and Planning Department at the Shanghai Auto Show data show that 2009 Shanghai motor show with a total car 918, 316 and includes import cars domestic cars, 602 units. Among them, the new cars more than 130 vehicles, including the world's first new car 13. From the survey data suggest that total 118 with DVD and navigation configuration and own-brand car with 29, accounting for about 24.6%; non-own-brand (including a net importer) with 89, about 75.4%. Data analysis, compared with last year's Beijing and Guangzhou auto show, all cars models for increased focus on DVD and navigation configuration, DVD and navigation configuration with the car's level of increase in the penetration rate has increased, along with the auto industry to develop into a universal configuration.