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Unified standard for car audio and multimedia devices
Jun 03, 2015

Many MP3 manufacturers and car stereo manufacturers have noticed such a problem, and what you want to achieve real 4C world, digital products and automotive product compatibility issues would need to be overcome. Drivers can enjoy Plug-and-play digital music environments may also further boost MP3Player portable audio product sales or market share ratio.

Microsoft will require car audio manufacturers in products should be in accordance with the criteria laid down in its manufacturing, was launched by the ZuneMP3Player can operate smoothly with links to car audio. This specification is known as ZCCP (ZuneConnectivityCertificationProgram). At this year's CES trade show and other audio shows, Microsoft shows that this is a concept of certification programs and results. According to the ZCCP specifications, first, Microsoft will require sound makers develop products according to its standardized interface specifications and obtain the certificate (Certificate), will carry out three steps to verify the validity of the voucher, this action is called a HandShake if sound could not authenticate with voucher, it means that the audio and ZuneMP3Player is no link.