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Android Car Machine Trends To Talk About Two: Stability Of The System Is A Pseudo-problem
Mar 31, 2016

Android is a good thing, Android is the trend, in fact, this view is not many people deny, in fact, the car machine industry is most concerned about for Android car machine is stable enough.

     The automotive electronics is difficult: aerospace requirements, consumer prices, the same problem occurs on a computer or mobile phone may also complain that few, occurs on the machine will return plus car freak, so no matter how good things, if you can not nor can solve the stability problems in the car maker.

     So whether Android stability? The answer is dialectics: Android is both stable and unstable.

     He said Android itself is stable because the Linux-based development, which is the core Linux2.6, as the world's most mainstream Linux server operating system itself is one of a stable known, that is, Android is still very innate foundation Ok.

     Android said unstable because Android is an open system, the user can install third-party software, which is often mixed, stability of the system caused a great impact. Like a human body and then stick foundation, but very dissolute lifestyle, AIDS as something possible, which can blame the father and mother did not give a good body?

     But Android's openness and strong ecosystem is one of the greatest charm Android, is difficult for us to give up, then the contradiction between stability and openness should be how to solve it?

     Fortunately, Android is open source and can be based on the customer's own stability requires the following custom: 1) to remove the software installed in the system function is not open, this contradiction does not exist, but estimates are willing to adopt this ways many people; 2) semi-open, consumers can only install reliable added by manufacturers to test digital signature software (the equivalent of the manufacturers themselves to build a dedicated App Store), other sources without a digital signature software can not be installed, which is a more eclectic approach, but manufacturers need to invest manpower to maintain it, to compare the size of the factory is a good way; 3) still wide open, but consumers want to install third-party software remind, warn of possible adverse consequences, although such an approach may not help stability, but at least reducing the consumer may freak. In addition the system also increases similar laptops Ghost function "key recovery" feature, adding a non-writable partition storage system implicit in the system backup, so even Android completely collapsed, as long as the MCU still, we you can always restore the system to the factory state, so you do not need to disassemble the plant back.

     So, if we are able to actively use their brains to think of ways contradiction between stability and openness of Android is that you can think of ways to solve.