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Audiosources Drive To Your Heart's Desire
Mar 02, 2016

Innovation and technology is driven by people. With intuitive design concepts and an incessant drive for progress, Audiosources is fast becoming the trendsetting market leader of its industry. Whatever your heart's desire, Audiosources is there with you to drive toward perfection and be your ultimate automotive companion.

Company R&D
Automotive standard design OEM standard quality
At Audiosources, we define a successful product from a 100% client-focused perspective in order to provide the best and most cost-effective solution. We are able to satisfy all types of customers with different market requirements, providing first-class OEM and ODM services and aftersales support.

Our Trust
In today's automotive entertainment market where integration is key, experience is essential to the competitive edge of a product. At Audiosources, we have taken full advantage of our extensive experience in the market and paid attention to market and customer feedback for our products to strive towards perfection and the highest standards of quality.

Our Belief
We believe that an automotive navigation sytem is not just an entertainment system. It must integrate with the car and become a central driving control and safety system. As such, we do not just supply a single standalone entertainment unit; instead we provide a fully integrated solution specifically designed for each vehicle maker with the ability to communicate with the vehicle's electronics for real-time information.