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Audiosources MIB III Android System For VW
Mar 30, 2018


1. Android 6.0.1 system

2. Reopen private mould panel,the touch feeling same as original top version car,using the conductive silicone buttons.

3. Using high definition 1024x600 resolution ,anti-dazzle IPS screen

4. Adopting DSP digital amplifier,professional 32 segments EQ,there are five audio chips on the DSP board.

5. Built-in carplay

6. NXP6686 Radio IC

7. Support original microphone,camera,usb

8. Build-in 4G moudle

9. Support display the original vehicles informations,3D air conditioner

10. Bluetooth 4.0

11. MFD display:Navigation/Compass/Music/Bluetooth/TPMS/Radio

12. Built-in GPS,Glonass navigation

13. ADAS DVR(Optional)

Starlight night vision similar to daytime·

Frontal vehicle distance warning

Drift off lane warning

④Frontal triggering cue

14. Support original vehicle driving mode selection

15. Support OPS,IPAS