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Landrover VS Mercedes Benz
Dec 04, 2017


*As the Finest All-terrain Vehicles and the leader of SUV, well known for its four-by-four drive, it advocates Pure, Courage, Adventure, and Superior.

*As a famous United Kingdom car brand, Landrover is exproted to over 140 countries. It develops from a practical car model into a multifunctional four-by-four drive car, which aims at those people who keep pursuing the freshness of life.

*Thus, we have designed Android 6.0 Car Multimedia Player for Landrover Freelander 2 to allow you a more fabulous driving experience when you gallop with your world’s first four-by-four drive Landrover SUV.




*Mercedes-Benz from German, a country that is renown for its well-performed car of high quality, is not only the manufacture of high-end luxury car, but also the heavy-duty truck like many of the fire trucks.

*It is one of the most successful high-end cars. Since 12/22/1900, Daimler-Motoren-Desellschaft, DMG made first Mercedes-Benz car in the world, Mercedes-Benz has become the model of the car industry

*Our Android GPS Navigation System for Mercedes-Benz is specially designed to make your fabulous car more functional.