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MIB Smart Power System SPS
Aug 08, 2018

1. MIB  SPS (Smart power system ) has a module. It makes a data transfer on the vehicle's accelerator pedal through the integration of a large number of vehicle fuel data. And then it adjust various power output modes through our host system settings. There are 5 modes Choice, different power modes have different power effects, it makes the driver to drive easily. 


2. MIB SPS  also adopts the same structural design as the original host, which perfectly restores the original car style. It is 9-inch IPS anti-glare screen and retains the same multimedia physical buttons as Volkswagen's original factory. It’s safe and convenient.



Adopting pure digital DSP amplifier ,Professional 32 section EQ and built-in Carplay ,without heating,there are five audio chips on the DSP board.


4.Built-in Super Navigation System

Online Navigation ,Reporting Real-time traffic news, upgrade map automatically.

Support GPS,Beidou ,Glonass signals 


5.At the same time, this product is still non-loss installation, does not destroy the original car line, does not change the original car design, and truly seamless docking.