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Newly Designed Car Radio Navigation GPS System
Nov 29, 2017

1. CPU: Intel 64Bit Quad core 

3. RAM/ROM: 1G/16G (2G/32G optional).

4. Screen resolution: 1024*600 compacitive screen.

5. Radio IC: ST-TDA 7786.

6. Amplifier IC: TDA-7851L, 4*60W with 12 processing channels for the sound field.

7. Bluetooth: USA CSR6.0 version.

8. UI designing: the black background of UI is to avoid the harsh light to eyes in the evening driving, which looks more simple and attractive.

9. Support apps like carplay, youtube, google play, etc.

10. Support our sole invent- isafe wireless remote control.

11. ADAS starry night vision DVR which support voice broadcasting and distance display.

12. 0 second boot, it turns on automatically in 0 second after you insert the key. (standby current 8mA.)