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The Origin of the Christmas Tree and Discount We Make for Celebration
Dec 06, 2017

      Christmas is celebrated by different nations all over the world, and there are various ways of celebrating it. However, it is essential for every family to get a christmas tree which has become the symbol of Christmas.But not all of us know the origin of the Christmas Tree.


       Legend suggests that, in the late 16th century, Martin Luther (the founder of the Protestant religion) was the first to decorate an indoor tree with candles when he attempted to recreate the stars shining over a forest of evergreens.

       The first mention of decorated trees being taken indoors came in 1605 in Germany - a country with a long Christmas tree history! The trees were initially decorated with fruit and sweets together with hand made objects such as quilled snowflakes and stars. German Christmas Markets began to sell shaped gingerbreads and wax ornaments which people bought as souvenirs of the fair and took home to hang on their tree.

  Artificial trees were invented in the 1880's in a bid to try and stop some of the damage being caused to real trees due to people lopping the tip off large trees, thus preventing the trees from growing any further. It got so bad in Germany that laws had to be brought in to prevent people having more than one tree.

      To celebrate the upcoming Christmas, we have also made some Fair Discount in our products to Feedback all of our customer who has always supported us.

      For more detailed discount, please feel free to get back to us.