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Toyota History
Dec 20, 2017

      Toyota Motor Corporation, or Toyota, was founded in 1933, One of the worlds top ten auto-industrial companies is a Japanese car manufacturer based in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan, and Tokyo Duwenjing District, belonging to Mitsui Zaibatsu. 


       The three ellipses of Toyotas logo were first introduced in the early 1990s. The big ellipse in the logo represents the Earth, and the middle consists of two ellipses that are vertically combined into a T, representing Toyota. It symbolizes Toyotas future, confidence and ambition in the future, and the companys customer base, The assurance to customers is a symbol of the link between the heart of the user and the heart of the car manufacturer, and it is a sign of Toyotas high technology and innovative potential.

    To meet the needs of the most Toyota owner, our factory also develop some special Car Radios for Toyota Series1234-1250-9097-9203-9029-7236-1209A推广.jpg

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