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VW Android 6.0 System Interface Box With 4G,Google Voice
Jun 16, 2018

Retain the original car host, add a set of Android systems.


  • Suitable for vehicle condition : Volkswagen MQB platform 6.5 inch and 8 inch MIB system

  • Built-in digital RGB Andronid module Support all 800x480, 6.5 inch with MIB system

  • The built-in 4G module can be inserted into the SIM card.

  • Do not destroy the original car line, LVDS line and the original car plug direct transfer.

  • Built-in CANBUS system, a unique decoding technology to achieve the original car screen touch control of the Android system.

  • the two kinds of system switching mode: 1, long press the MEUN key switch for 3 seconds; 

  • support gesture switch, the original car system and ANDROND BOX free switch.

  • Built-in Wifi 

  • Support GOOGLE PLAY, YouTube Facebook, Support Android APP software

  • Two way USB, support HD movies, lossless music player

  • Support original Car reversing camera , support original car 360;you can install reverse camera, support RGB plus HD 360 camera.

  • Two ways of switching: 1, move two fingers to the screen from top to bottom at the same time; 2, MENU. on the panel for 3 seconds.